Monday, February 23, 2015

Our Happy Boys! {Noah is 6 months}


Noah is 6 months!

This month you became more mobile by rolling around on your blanket and reaching for toys you wanted!  You can push up with your arms to lift your chest off the floor and are starting to sit up well on your own for short periods but still fall over easily.  Big brother Jax adores you and is so proud of each new thing you do!  He claps for you and we all say “Yay, Noah!” when you sit up by yourself!  You started sleeping in your crib in your nursery at night two nights before you turned 6 months because you outgrew the cradle in Mama and Dada’s room and you were trying to roll over.  You started sleeping through the night consistently after your “dream feed.”  You found your toes and love grabbing them!  We also stopped swaddling you for sleep and transitioned to a sleep sack since you were rolling over in your crib (this made naps difficult for a little bit but you got used to the idea).  You celebrated your first Thanksgiving!  We thank God for blessing us with YOU this year!  You tried your first food- homemade chicken broth, and you weren’t sure what we were thinking giving you something other than breast milk!  Silly parents!  You weigh 16 pounds 14 ounces and are 28.5 inches tall.  This was a busy month of growing and new milestones!  Happy 1/2 year baby Noah!

Noah 6 Months ChairNoah Basket 6 MonthsIMG_9878Shearer Family 2014Shearer Family 2014 - StandingJax and Noah LeavesNorthShearerTenney Family Christmas PhotoNoah Turkey BibMommy & Noah Turkey BibCousinsJax & Noah fence background in backyardNoah First BrothIMG_3821IMG_3846IMG_3894

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Noah Christopher is growing! {4 & 5 months}


4 months

You love smiling and laughing and snuggling!  You have fun kicking your legs and making yourself bounce in your bouncer seat!  You started grasping objects like toys and holding them for a short time.  You can push yourself around in a circle on your back and are close to rolling over onto your back but not quite! Jax adores you and loves coming up to you and laying next to you if you’re on the bed or your blanket!  He loves your snuggles!

Noah 4 MonthsNoah 4 Month in BasketIMG_7050IMG_7087IMG_7078IMG_7064IMG_7108IMG_7112JaxNoahAggieIMG_7292Noah on BedIMG_7341IMG_7382IMG_7492JaxOutsideChairJaxNoahOutsideChairIMG_7539IMG_7541IMG_7525

5 months

You started blowing raspberries and it is so funny!  You say “Dd..dd…dd” and can roll over from your tummy and your back.  You like rolling!  You are pushing up more with your arms while on your tummy and grasping onto toys and bringing them to your mouth to chew!  You love bouncing yourself in your bouncer seat and sitting up next to Jax in the stroller for runs.  You splash a lot during bath time and make us laugh!

Noah Outfit5 Months basket5 MonthsIMG_76255 Months blanketIMG_7631IMG_7643IMG_7646IMG_7648

Your first visit at Yonder Way Farm!  It was such a pretty day and you loved being outside!  Jax loved all the animals and running around!  I love my boys so much!


Pumpkin Patch cuties with Mama, Dada, and Mimi!

Pumpkin Patch 2014mimiIMG_9275IMG_9323IMG_9309

Our adorable firefighter and Dalmatian!

FirefighterDalmatianFirefighter and Dalmatian

First Fest with Mama, Dada, Bebe, and Pops!


Jax’s first time to ride a pony!  He was so excited!