Monday, March 26, 2018

The Story of Baby Titus!

We started off 2017 with exciting news for our family: we were expecting baby #3 in late September! Mommy and Daddy found out we were pregnant on January 17 and somehow kept our secret until February 14th! On Valentines' Day, we gave Jax and Noah the Berenstain Bears book "Baby Makes Five" and had Jax read the title. He didn't want to read it aloud and so we gave Jax and Noah "Biggest brother" and "Big brother" shirts! Jax was pretty stunned and shocked! After that, we got busy sharing our news with family! We went by Bebe and Pops' house, then Auntie Nat-Nat and Uncle Gene's house! Next, we FaceTimed Mimi and Papa, Uncle Josh and Aunt Robin, Uncle Bradley and Aunt Taegan, and Uncle CJ! We were all so excited to welcome baby #3!

We decided to find out baby's gender using a blood test and plan a gender reveal party for our families on March 19th!

We told everyone that we would have cans of silly string and if the color was pink, it was a girl and if the color was blue, it was a boy!

It's A....


The countdown to baby boy began!  We chose his name to be Titus David.  We chose Titus because we loved the Biblical name and it means "title of honor."  David means "beloved" and King David in the Bible was known as a man after God's own heart.  David is also the middle name of Melissa's dad (Pops) and brother CJ.  Our prayer is for Titus' title of honor to be that he becomes a man after God's heart.

Titus' Profile on 20 week Ultrasound

Baby boy at 24 weeks!  We love you so!

Titus' Baby Shower on July 22, 2017

30 weeks!

Family Maternity Pictures

taken by amazing Auntie Nat-Nat!

38 weeks!

Titus' Birth Story

Around 36 weeks, I started having Braxton Hicks contractions.  Around 37 weeks, I had contractions every day in the late afternoon and every evening.  They were getting stronger as I approached my due date but would stop every evening.  It was tiring and made me wonder when baby boy Titus would make his debut!  September 25 was my due date and that day came and went with contractions stronger in the afternoon but then they would stop.

On Thursday, September 28, I started having stronger contractions in the late afternoon and by dinner, I was breathing through contractions and feeling like this might be real labor!  The contractions continued strong and were about 4-6 minutes apart.  Since my active labor with Noah wasn't super long, we decided to call my midwife on call which was Jami!  Jami helped me deliver Noah, so we thought she would be there for Titus' birth too!  About 7pm, we had my mom come over to put Jax and Noah to bed, and we headed to the birth center!  We arrived at the birth center about 7:30pm and I was 4cm dilated.  My mom met us at the birth center after putting Jax and Noah to bed and Pops stayed with the boys.  My sister Natalie also met us at the birth center to take pictures!  We were ready to meet our sweet baby!

My amazing midwife Jami with us!

Ryan is my rock and the best labor partner!  I couldn't do it without his support!

My beautiful Momma and sister!  Thankful for their encouragement!

I continued having some contractions but they were not getting stronger, and then they started to spread further and further apart until they stopped completely.  During this time, I tried everything- walking around, squats, different positions.  No contractions came and we waited a little bit.  After talking with my wonderful midwife Jami, we decided to head home and get some rest since we were only about 15 minutes away and we would be more rested when labor started again.  My body was tired, and I was ready for some sleep.  Jami thought my labor would likely start again within 24 hours, and she thought she might even see us back later that night.  We got home about 12:30am and got into bed.  My Momma came back to our house and slept in our guest room since Pops was here and to help in the morning since we were up late!  I slept well and only woke up once around 4:30am with a few contractions, and I got into the shower to relax and see if the contractions continued or stopped.  The contractions stopped so I got back into bed and went right to sleep!

I woke up feeling great and wasn't having any contractions, and it was my birthday- September 29th!  Ryan took the day off work since we were up so late and thought baby might be coming soon.  Pops took the boys fishing at the pond, and Ryan and I took a walk to the pond they were at.  I didn't have any contractions, and I was thinking "today is not the day."  I took a shower, got ready, and we ordered Zoe's Kitchen for lunch.  I started having contractions around 12:30pm, and they were around 10 minutes apart but I wasn't timing them.  Since I had contractions every afternoon and my labor had stopped, I wasn't surprised by the contractions and didn't think much of them.  I just thought this was going to be a long labor and maybe I'd be having contractions for days or they would stop again!  I went upstairs with Jax and my Momma while they were working on some homeschool assignments while Noah was napping.  I helped Jax some and was wanting to lay down or be on my hands and knees when contractions came.  My contractions were still around 10 minutes apart and didn't seem to be getting intense, so it seemed like my usual afternoon contractions but stronger than previously.  We discussed we wanted to wait to go to the birth center until my contractions were closer together and stronger so we knew I was in active labor.  Ryan went to Whole Foods with a grocery list I made while I stayed at home.

I told my mom that since no baby was coming that we should see if my sister and her family wanted to come over for dinner.  My dad grilled ribs and we had lots of leftovers from lunch too!  My sister, her husband Gene, and my two nieces Emma and Ellie came over around 4:30pm and played with Jax and Noah in the backyard.  They were having so much fun!  I went outside to watch them play but was feeling pretty uncomfortable when contractions came and wanted to be leaning over so I came back inside.  I laid down on the couch to rest for a little while since I wasn't feeling great.  When my sweet niece Emma (4 years old) saw me laying on the couch, she said, "Nonna, why are you sleeping at your birthday party??"  It was the cutest thing, and one of the things I will always remember about that day!  It made me laugh even though I wasn't feeling so great, and I told her I was just resting!  Dinner was ready around 5:45pm, and Ryan made me a plate after first I said "no, I'll make my plate" and then I changed my mind because I was having more contractions.  The contractions were getting stronger and closer together, but I wasn't believing I was in active labor since my labor had stopped the night before.  I made it over to the kitchen table to eat my dinner, and I took a bite.  I would walk back over to the living room and get on my hands and knees when a contraction came.  I think the contractions were about 6-7 minutes apart.  I would go back to the table and eat another bite between contractions.  I laid on the floor after one contraction, and they spread out to 8 minutes apart.

I started feeling more pain and decided I wanted to get into our bath tub to help me relax.  I got into the bath around 6:30pm (I think).  I decided I would time my contractions more and asked Ryan to time them.  He said he thought he should start getting our things together in case we needed to go to the birth center.  I was timing the contractions and they were 3.5 to 5 minutes apart but getting very strong.  The bath helped a little but then I realized I was in strong active labor.  Ryan was gone a minute or so getting things together.  When he came back, I said " you need to call the midwives right now and we need to go."  He knew I was pretty serious at this point since I told him to call!  He quickly called Jaelin, and she told him she would meet us at the birth center.  My mom brought the boys downstairs to say goodbye to me; I quickly said bye to them because I knew another contraction was coming.  Jax and Noah kissed me, and they were so excited to meet their new baby brother soon!  I had Ryan help me get out of the bath quickly between contractions since another contraction would come when I started to walk.  I asked him to get the gown I wanted to wear for the birth.  He couldn't find it hanging up.  He turned around and I was laying on the floor; I was just at the point I couldn't stand up during a contraction!  I pointed out the gown and he quickly helped me get it on.  I told him I didn't think I could make it to the car, and he said "well, you have to."  I walked fast and I think I had a contraction on the way to the car.

I remember telling Ryan to drive carefully and thinking this might be hard.  We were on our way to the birth center at 7:15pm!  I didn't have time to text anyone and was fully in birth mode in my mind.  My first contraction in the car was hard, and I told Ryan, "I can't do this."  I felt my body tense and not relaxing; I could tell I was fighting the contraction.  Ryan reminded me I could do it and we would be there soon.  I must have realized I needed to cope better on my next contraction.  Once my contraction began, I started talking out loud saying, "you can do this, you can do this, keep breathing, almost over."  Ryan was telling me I could do it, and it would be my last contraction in the car.  I felt my body relax into the contraction as much as possible.  It was night and day from the last contraction even though the pain was just as intense.  I know God gave me the peace over my mind to allow me to work through the contraction and not freak out!  Ryan told me later that if he didn't know I was in labor during that contraction, I sounded perfectly calm and just talking to myself.  I thank God for that moment!

We made it to the birth center, and I told Ryan I would walk into the birth center between contractions so we quickly walked in.  My midwife Jaelin met us at the door about 7:32pm.  I made it through the front door of the birth center and a contraction started.  I threw my arms around Ryan's neck, and he supported me through the contraction.  Once it ended, I made my way quickly to the birthing room where my amazing midwife Jaelin had the tub all ready for me.  It was the same room Noah was born in!  She asked me if I wanted her to check me, and I said yes, could you check me in the tub?  She said "yes, you can get in."  Jaelin's calming voice and spirit was so wonderful!  I quickly got in and another contraction began.  It was so nice to be in the water!  After the contraction, Jaelin checked me and I was 9.5cm dilated.  I felt like I was in transition but it was reassuring to know that I was so close!  Ryan asked if he could go grab our camera and things, and Jaelin told him to hurry!  He grabbed our things from the car, came back, and helped me through another contraction.  He set up the video camera on the tripod.  I had a contraction and my body started to push, and my water broke!  I could feel the pop and asked if my water broke.  The very next contraction, I started to push and baby Titus entered our world at 7:45pm!!!  Ryan caught Titus and lifted him onto my chest!  What a beautiful moment when my new son is finally here and laying on my chest!  Wait, what?!?!  Within 13 minutes of arriving at the birth center, one push that my body started and my water broke, and next push my baby is completely born!  I think I was slightly shocked it went so fast and SO SO happy to have my baby boy snuggled on my chest!  Welcome to the world, Titus David!  We share the same birthday!!

Titus David Shearer
8 pounds 14 ounces
21 3/4 inches

Daddy's first time holding his brand new son!

Auntie Nat-Nat didn't make it before you were born since you came so fast, but she saw you just a few minutes later and grabbed our camera to take your first pictures with Mommy and Daddy!

Bebe tried to make it before you were born too but she saw your tiny face just after you were born!

Your newborn exam with our amazing midwife Jaelin!  She took excellent care of us!  
You are loved by so many!

His tiny hat says "Titus" and his sleeper outfit has his initials!

Ready to take our new baby boy home!

We got home a little after midnight and all got some sleep!  Titus was happy, nursed, and went to sleep!  Just before 7am, Bebe brought Jax and Noah into our bedroom to meet their new baby brother!  They were SO, SO excited!  They spoke quietly and were very gentle with Titus.  It was the most beautiful moment watching big brothers meet their brand new brother they had waited many months for!  They both took off their shirts so Titus could snuggle on their skin!

Noah was so happy Titus was finally here to hold!

Jax was in awe of tiny baby Titus!

The sweetness of 3 brothers melts me!  Welcome to the brother club!

Titus meets his family....


Uncle CJ!



Aunt Robin!